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Manufacturing Engineer

Roanoke Rapids, NC
This fantastic manufacturing facility is seeking a Manufacturing Engineer with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering.

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Manufacturing Engineer I Qualifications:

Education/Training: BS Engineering or 5yrs. equivalent experience.  Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Other:     Basic computer skills, Microsoft Office software, 3-d modeling software, LEAN, Design of Experiments, Shainin techniques, error proofing

Basic Function:

Utilizes education, experience and technical knowledge to provide support and training with regard to assembly methods, tests, procedures, etc.  Works closely with production technicians, product design engineers, and management to understand and improve manufacturing processes and product designs.  Works under moderate supervision.  Works with production to resolve issues in the short term to allow us to satisfy immediate customer demand, as well as learning how longer term “continuous improvement projects” are conducted in order to implement irreversible corrective actions.  Requires training on products and technology. Significant interaction with Sales, Manufacturing Technicians, and other Engineers is required.          
Roles and Responsibilities:
    Promotes teamwork, cooperation and commitment to “Total Customer Satisfaction” among team members.
  1. Works with more experienced engineers and technicians to learn basic sensor technology, manufacturing processes, test methods, departmental procedures and policies. 
  2. Works with other engineers and technicians to provide support and training with regard to assembly methods, test procedures, ISO 9001 documentation, production equipment, company policies/procedures, etc.
  3. Utilizes 3-d modeling software to modify designs, modifies written procedures, Bill of Materials, and routers to improve manufacturing process.
  4. Works with design engineers and production technicians to coordinate the timely transfer of new products to production.  This will include helping to design fixtures, helping writing procedures and discussing “lessons learned” from current products.
  5. Learns how to conduct continuous improvement projects on current quality or cost related manufacturing issues.
  6. Utilizes test equipment to test products and maintains a working knowledge of applicable calibration methods.
  7. Learns special cause failures vs. common cause failures.
  8. Learns to protect the customer by categorizing measurement system failures (Type I vs. Type II).
  9. Learns to prioritize production issues by the Pareto principle in order to work on the most important issues first.
  10. Conducts failure analyses of rejects from manufacturing or customers.
  11. Learns statistical process control techniques and error proofing hierarchy to implement irreversible Corrective Actions, and Preventative Actions.
  12. Researches, analyzes and studies existing products, systems, subsystems, test equipment and processes to improve performance, reliability, quality and cost.
  13. Works with engineers and production technicians to improve production yield, reduce scrap, and solve other product related problems.
  14. Learns how to test and calibrate products.  Gains experience with test equipment and processes.
  15. Performs other related duties as required for the efficient operation of the Engineering Department
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